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Spring Cleaning

Ann Foley-Collins bubble bath glee gifts mobile boutique new brakes sparkling clean spring cleaning truck maintenance

With the weather getting warmer, and days getting longer, it's exciting to get glee gifts boutique on wheels out of hibernation and back on the road.  BUT, first things first.  Spring cleaning.  Before I begin to clean, to the shop she goes.  The looming gloomy call from my mechanic; she needs a whole set of new brakes and rotors. This type of repair is a no brainer, safety always comes first, however, it's a huge nut to pay before I have any income coming in for the season.  When it's back in my own driveway, she get's a nice, warm, bubble bath.  She deserves it, after spending 4 months in the cold snowy winter weather.  Next comes a good cleaning and paint touch up inside the cargo area to make her sparking clean on the inside as well as the outside.  MAYBE I'll get to my own house spring cleaning sometime soon.

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