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The Beginning

Way back when, I--Ann, had a great friend named Nadine.  We began a ritual with one another where we exchanged a "friendship ball". The silver ball--an old English tradition--was used once upon a time by gals to pass a special favor back and forth between friends and family.  It was meant to be exchanged throughout the years as a gift—a special recipe or a humble favor was usually gifted back then. We thought this was a cool way to give each other gifts, however, the gifts we gave to each other were very different from the English tradition; the gifts varied from the season's newest color in fingernail polish to a funky tee-shirt to whimsical wine glasses. It was always a hunt for THE special gift to give one another.

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Friendship ball

The tradition between us lasted a few years,,,,,,and both of us wanting to do something new in our professional lives, took a leap and decided to go into business together. We wanted to establish a business that would combine our vast experience, talents, and skills; one that allowed us to be creative and make a happy (gleeful) difference in people's lives—and that is when we came up with the idea of opening a "special" "unique" gift store where one would could find THE special gift to give to someone for a special occasion.  After many Bloody Mary’s in Ann’s kitchen, glee gifts, inc was born.  

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