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The Fashion Truck--glee gifts boutique on wheels

As you know, shopping has changed dramatically over the years.  Given the fact that the internet has changed shopping habits forever, and my lease was not being renewed in lieu for a national gift store to move in, I decided to shutter the brick and mortar, rather than moving to a new location to await a slow retail death.  After much soul searching and conversation with family and friends, I decided to design a boutique on wheels; yes,,,,,I put my store in a truck!  The entrepreneur in me became a truckpreneur! In June of 2015, the store closed and by September of that same year, the truck was paving the road in Massachusetts.

Boston fashion and gift truck at sowa

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Although the truck is a smaller footprint than the store, I am still dedicated to finding a fabulous array of whimsical, sexy and trendsetting merchandise for you to give, get and enjoy for years to come.

We visit/sell at:

  • Farmers markets
  • Festivals
  • Corporate Lunch Events
  • Home parties (yes a shopping event in your driveway!)
  • Pop-ups
  • PTO/PTA school events
  • and more!  
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glee gifts boutique on wheels